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Web Development


We have taken a very different approach to web-based development. While the approach is different, it is consistent with our traditional business model in that we provide a custom solution which is integrated with the customers back end from the outset.

Our growth in this area has been fueled by our competitive advantages in that there are no marketing, overhead, or package development costs embedded in our prices. We provide significantly more functionality for significantly less money.

Also, as a Corporate Internet Service Provider, we are able to provide more complete e-business solutions.

We have used the following to develop web-based solutions in both Intel and Iseries environments:

Bullet  ASP/JSP
Bullet  Domino
Bullet  Perl
Bullet  Websphere
Bullet  Java/Javascript
Bullet  XML/XSL
Bullet  CGIDEV2
Bullet  PHP
Bullet  Net.Data