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Liberty Interconnect is a sister company of Liberty & Associates. The company was founded in 1995 as a Corporate Internet Service Provider (CISP) in order to provide a unique service: Network administration and Internet Access. Both then and today, we feel that combining these two services provides a significant competitive advantage:

Bullet  As network administrators, we have the flexibility of setting up custom Internet
connections which suit our client's needs.

Bullet  Network communication problems are solved in a fraction of the usual time as
we have direct access to all components on the LAN and WAN.

Bullet  We are often able to have customers remote offices connect directly to our WAN and
avoid traveling over the internet, improving performance and reliability.

Bullet  The technical skills required to manage a CISP provide our LAN/WAN administrators
with a technical background which far exceeds that of a typical LAN/WAN

Visit Liberty Interconnect for more information on our services.

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