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Benefits of IBM iSeries Servers

In 2001, IBM rechristened the AS/400 as the iSeries server. The AS/400's roots can be traced back to the early 1970's and over this 30 year period, this server has been considered the best business machine around. Although entire studies have been devoted to describing its benefits, we have attempted to summarize the benefits in a short list:

Bullet  Unplanned down time for an iSeries averages 5.2 hours per year, vs 23.6 hours for
Unix and 224.5 hours for Windows.

Bullet  An iSeries server has never had a virus.

Bullet  The iSeries protects your investment in software by not making changes which will
make your software obsolete. Why do some iSeries shops run 30 year old software
programs on a brand new iSeries? Because they can! In the Windows world, you are often
not able to run a Windows 95 application on a windows XP machine!

Bullet  The iSeries allows you to consolidate servers to reduce administrative costs.
On the same iSeries which runs your 30 year old legacy application,
you can host your website and your Domino server at the same time!
This is different from the rest of the industry where the standard is
one application per server.

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