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Liberty & Associates is an Information Technology consulting firm founded in 1972. We are based in Montreal, Canada, and serve clients across Canada and the United States.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled service covering a full range of MIS functions to our small and midsize customers, enabling them to focus on running their business, not their IT department. Over the years, the company has expanded in 5 major areas:

Bullet  Mid-range computing
Bullet  Intel-based computing
Bullet  Corporate Internet Service Provider
Bullet  Hardware Sales
Bullet  Web development

In all 5 areas, we provide a degree of service which is tailored to the customers needs, which include the following:

Bullet  Consultants on-site or off-site
Bullet  Consultants working full-time or part-time, for a few months or indefinitely
Bullet  Software development and project management
Bullet  Operating system administrative tasks
Bullet  Working to compliment the client's existing IT group or fulfilling the role of a
fully outsourced IT group

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